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Kim Woo Bin @ DIADORA KOREA 2013 F/W CM_Photo Shoot!


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[PIC] KIM WOO BIN + heart-shape glasses

Definitely cute.


[PIC] KIM WOO BIN + heart-shape glasses


Definitely cute.

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[PHOTO/BTS] Lee Jong Suk (+ Kim Woo Bin) for Trugen (트루젠) F/W 2013 Photoshoot Scene <Source: 트루젠 Facebook>

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[Jun 28, 2013] Kim Woo Bin - MCM Pop-Up Store!
@ Shinsegae Department Store’s Centum City in Busan


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[PHOTOSHOOT] New Photos of Lee Jong Suk & Kim Woo Bin endorsing Trugen (F/W 2013) 


Lee Jong Suk & Kim Woo Bin @ TRUGEN 2013 F/W


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Kim Woo Bin @ Lotte Conf International Cooking Snacks_CF Shooting!


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Full Translation of Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk Interview with One Night’s TV Entertainment Translation (Trugen Interview)


Translator: deenakahara
Note: I intended to post this yesterday but I only got time to finish the translation today. As usual, I omit the narration part. Enjoy! ^^

Q: For what works did you two met today?

Woobin: I’m shooting a clothing line ad together with Jongsuk.
Jongsuk: *clap* A men’s wear, men’s wear.
Interviewer: (She said something I can’t comprehend)
Jongsuk: You (Woobin) and I have to eat, right? *laugh*
Woobin: I wonder if the company use us two because we’re both cheap (to pay).. *laugh*
Jongsuk: *smack Woobin’s thigh*

Q: Between you two, who is the reason that both of you got cast in many CF together?

Woobin: Since doing the drama, I’ve been whirled along with Jongsuk. ‘School 2013’ had been a Go Namsoon’s drama all along. *laugh*
Jongsuk: It was started as a Go Namsoon’s drama and ended as a Park Heungsoo’s drama. Since we’re in it together, it feels like we got the synergy in doing (filming) it. I felt at ease a lot.

OX Quiz Segment

Q1: I truthfully think that I’m better looking.

Woobin: *hesitantly raise X sign*
Jongsuk: *confidently raise O sign*
Jongsuk: Even he admitted it himself.
Woobin: *snort* I can’t do this interview.
Woobin: My parents said this a lot, my CEO also said this a lot, “You’re well matched with your generation.” I also think about it that way.*

(*Woobin explained about this on an interview before. He thinks he’s not good looking, but he’s unique-looking. He also thinks that he’s born in the right generation, where people can accept his unique feature as a good point.)

Q2: From now on, I’ll do even better (more successful).

Woobin: *raise O sign*
Jongsuk: *also raise O sign*
Jongsuk: I don’t think I’ll last that long though (success-wise). I think it’ll be short but deep.
Woobin: We had this kind of talk during our last day of filming. “Ah, let’s become successful and later on, let’s meet on a movie such as Berlin*.” Well, I do hope that we can be successful together.

(*Berlin is a 2013 Korean action movie starring Ha Jung-woo, Han Seok-gyu, Ryu Seung-bum, and Jun Ji-hyun.)

Q3: I think I’ll be the one who got married first.

Woobin: *raise X sign*
Jongsuk: *raise O sign*
Jongsuk: I want to get married at the peak of my beauty. I wanna get married when my looks is at its youngest and prettiest.
Woobin: These days, (Jongsuk) has always been talking about marriage. He said, “I wanna get married.” (But he can’t) since he doesn’t have a girlfriend.
Woobin: *advertising Jongsuk* I’m Jongsuk’s friend, Woobin. Jongsuk is a very delicate person. He’s a very considerate person towards his partners, so when you meet him, you won’t regret anything. Please don’t lose him.

(After the OX Quiz part ended, Woobin then left the interview for Busan as he still got to film Friends 2, and the interview is carried on with only Jongsuk.)

Interviewer: After Woobin-sshi left, it feels like the pace became kinda slower.
Jongsuk: Since there’s no one to capture me when I said something’s wrong.
Interviewer: I’ll be the one who will get you then.
Jongsuk: I have to be on my edge then.

Q: ‘I Hear Your Voice’ is doing very well, how do you feel about that?

Jongsuk: The rating (of the episodes) every time it’s airing keep raising to a wonderful rate so I’m currently working hard.

Q: Acting as a supernaturally gifted boy who can read other people’s mind, isn’t it hard?

Jongsuk: He (Sooha) is having a one-sided love towards Hyesung but Hyesung is in love with other person instead. To deliver Sooha’s expression when he read Hyesung’s heart who loves another person, that is really hard for me.

Talking about Lee Jongsuk and his co-star.

Jongsuk: I actually only found out about this not long ago, but I’m actually a person with a lot of aegyo, that I’m good with skinship, and that I have a lot of talents. (?)
Interviewer: How do you like to call other people?
Jongsuk: I really like to make something racy (vulgar) to say to other people. That kind of racy things is peculiarly funny to say. … …*

(*I can’t comprehend his last sentence.)

Closing comments.

Jongsuk: One Night’s TV Entertainment viewers! This has been Lee Jongsuk. Since ‘I Hear Your Voice’ is scheduled to show you an even more intense story as shown before, so I hope you’ll keep tune in. Thank you!

Take out with credits, will you? Thank you. :)

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[PIC] 26/06/2013 TRUGEN shooting Finally!!!!! Cr: DC Gallery

We are gentlemen.



[PIC] 26/06/2013 TRUGEN shooting
Cr: DC Gallery

We are gentlemen.

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