It’s a scene from R2B: Return to Base movie.

Ji Sukhyun (Lee Jongsuk) nearly passed out on CASS FRESH after the party with his teammates. It’s so miraculous that it’s the CASS FRESH he’s now endorsing that appeared in the movie.

And I love the fact that everyone feels the needs to “pamper” Sukhyun, the ever-fainting co-pilot. Sukhyun slept on the sofa, and he was tugged into the blanket Taehoon (RAIN) brought from Daeseo’s (Kim Sungsoo) room. So Sukhyun spent the night in Park family’s house. Even though he rarely gets screen time, it’s just heartwarming to see him sleeping soundly on the sofa.

04/16/13 at 10:15pm
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